intermittent record

Every thing is good to go until i record. It functions for a time then stops and will pick back up 10 -15 sec later. The result is skipped record. Anyone please advise. Thank You.
OS X 10.7.5 mac pro

You’re transferring vinyl records? How? How are you playing the records?


Have you accidentally enabled Sound Activated Recording ?

– Bill

I’m not sure what is being requested here but, yes, i am transferring records. I cue my record > set pause and record with audacity > start record.On side change I pause on record> cue next side and continue and so on… I’m sure this is permissible. If not, please advise me what other procedure is better.

Thanks Bill
Sound activation is not engaged.

The overdub is checked on, the software playthrough is checked on.

I’m adding to this post again because the intermittent episode just occurred again. This really needs to be more reliable. Transferring records is tedious enough. If the problem was predictable it could be fixed. Imagine, transferring records for 8hrs and find that there are 5 sec drops here and there throughout the 8 hours. It becomes lost time. If Audacity 2.2.0 would just stay stopped, then I could simply re cue. When monitoring the recording I hear only the record album. I think the actual transfer is only audible with finished recording. I can conclude by stating my anxiety level is peaked with this. I have no idea that of the 700+ albums transferred with the help of Audacity, that there might be 5000 5 second gaps throughout. The saving grace is I do check the transfers, but not real time. If anyone has any ideas regarding this please let me know. Thanks

We should have asked earlier: What version of Audacity are you running?
Also: How are you connecting your turntable to the Mac Pro? Line In? USB?
For the moment it appears all the elves are stumped.
– Bill


I’m also having the same problem, but I’m recording old radio plays from cassette tapes. I’ve attached a screen shot showing the discrepancy between the track time and the audio position. Any suggestions gratefully received!
Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 08.35.05.png

Try the stuff recommended in this FAQ
– Bill

I’m running Audacity 2.2.0>Mac Pro-OS X 10.13.1>Connecting turntable via USB. Please note that I have experienced an intermittent record with 2.1.0 as well with different computer also a Mac Pro - OS X 10.7.5 this computer was connected to turntable via mini jack.

Some people have experienced problems with intermittent USB connections. Try pulling and re-seating the USB connector a few times.

Also, please try the steps in this FAQ.

– Bill

Bill, I’m ahead of you on this. Ive already went through it with “USB Wine”. On my other device I had a faint high pitch sound that my only remedy was to go to the mini jack built-in. The wine disappeared. On my new device I have only the option of USB connection. So far no sound problems. Thanks

I think that your referring to a bad connection. My issue is not a bad connection.

Did you try adjusting the “Buffer Length” as suggested in the FAQ?
– Bill

Im afraid to. Does the defaults stay in place if I were to change the buffer and it doesn’t do what I would prefer. If I have this right, that if I adjust the buffer can I adjust it while Audacity is transferring?

…or, do I adjust through trial and error and given that the app fails. What way should I adjust? what about sound quality?

The default is 100. As the FAQ says:

Open Recording Preferences and adjust the “Buffer Length” setting. Reduce the setting to 0 milliseconds. If recording breaks up or does not start, increase “Buffer Length” in increments of 10 milliseconds until recording is smooth

So, yes, it is trial and error. From what you’ve described, you have nothing to lose by trying this.
– Bill

I’ll always trust a Canadian. thanks I’ll try it