Intermittent Crash / Distortion with Noise Removal and Repair Tool (standard tool not AI)


Using Audacity 5.1 with Openvino R2 installed, I’ve found the following errors with the tool:

Effect > Noise Removal and Repair > Noise Reduction

With the track selected, upon selecting the tool, a dialogue box pops up and asks to select a small part of the timeline only to allow it to sample it.

Upon doing this and pressing the “Get Noise Profile” button, the tool appears to crash as the whole dialogue box disappears without enabling you to proceed to stage 2 of applying noise reduction.

Going back into the dialogue box and applying the noise reduction tool anyway, can have several results;

  1. You get the desired noise reduction

  2. The tool totally messes up the audio which then plays back like a chipmunk is in the system. However, the playback speed is still set to 1.0 and no amount of adjusting it will slow the playback speed. Equally, the App has recorded the changes in the background to the file, so even if you close it and re-open it, Audacity will stay play it back at several hundred times the recommended speed. The only way round this is to delete your original project file (hopefully it wasn’t the only copy of your audio project)

This was the broken file after the filter was applied (short sample):

…and on the audacity timeline - note playback speed set to 1.0: