Intermittent crackling is driving me insane

I’m suffering from crackling now and then while recording my guitar (direct USB from a Mustang amp). Any idea on what is causing this? I’ve tried isolating the different tracks to find the offending part, but I can’t for the life of me hear a crackle on any track when I solo it. But it’s there throughout when I listen as a whole.

Quite frustrating and I’m not really sure. It sounds like a loudness thing but there’s no clipping going on.

I’ve tried isolating the different tracks

So you’re overdubbing, right? If you add a guitar part and you happen to hit the exact note from other tracks, the loudness of the show can go up and in extreme case, can clip and overload. Clipping sounds crunchy.

Select all the tracks by shift-clicking just above all the MUTE buttons (I think there’s a shortcut for that) and Effect > Amplify: amplify by -3 > OK.

All of the tracks will go down by 3dB. You can pick a higher number.

Did that help?

Here it is. Edit > Select > All.