Intermittent Bug: Clicking on a Track Jumps the Focus to a Different Window

When the bug occurs, it occurs like this:

  1. open multiple instances of Audacity
  2. Move Window 1 so it partially covers Window 2
  3. attempt to click on the L-R slider to change the pan position, or on the -/+ slider to change the volume of a track
    bug: As soon as you click on the slider to the left of the waveform the other window becomes active.
  4. now click on the blank are in the rectangular area that contains the two sliders - the bug doesn’t occur.
    note: once this starts happening it’s consistent but I can’t seem to figure out how induce the bug state from scratch.

This is a known bug (still open, still unfixed) logged last December:

Windows: Hovering over the meters of an unfocussed project window brings that window to the front - original project retains focus #4094

Originally reported by @mj10008 in this Forum post:


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Thanks for reporting this. I’ve suffered from this off and on for months. In my case, playback is stopped for Window 1 and I’m attempting to adjust the volume or pan but as soon as I left-click to grab the slider, Window 2 comes to the front. The weird thing is that it doesn’t always happen. When I first saw it, I started typing up a set of steps for a bug report but the bug didn’t occur. Does it depend on the app being open for a certain period of time?

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