Interference when recording

Hi there !

im getting interference sound when recording and i dont know what
could be happening … here i attached an audio file .
Im using a Fender Mustang AMP and recording via USB direct from the AMP .
I do have the latest version of Audacity running on Windows 8.1 pro .

Thanks a lot if anyone can help me !

If you were to put that clip on the timeline and magnify it, you’ll see it’s actually missing parts. There are little blank segments in there with the notes (attach).

We wrote a thing about that. In general, it means the computer can’t keep up with live audio.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 16.15.24.png

So there is no solution for this ? i have done everything on the article … i dont undertand why does this happen , i have a nice computer so it shouldnt be the problem : /

Have you really done everything including in the linked article Missing features - Audacity Support ?

What exactly is the make and model number of the USB recording device?