Inter-operability with other opensource video/sound editors

I’ve been searching for different sound editor, sequencers, etc and video editor, that are open source…
For a small example:
which fail to add the audio/midi sequencers and interoperability with video editors,

It has come to me than even Wikipedia is helpless to make a proper comparison list of open source sound/video editing softwares, that seems to me as a downside to the open source developpers that they could develop codes that do the sames stuff in different softwares, just to think remaking the entire lame librairy for mp3…

It would be nice to have a comparison of editing softwares list on the site, and look for some cooperative development of them. Its just hard to see the differences from audacity, to rosegarden, lmms, muse, ardour, etc, and maybe since they are open source they could use features of one another.

It seems informations to use video editors with (audio/midi) (editors/sequencers/recorders/…) together is something you can only in forums, its also frustrating to think a lot of non open source programs tend to mix codes of all of the open source video/audio/midi editors together with a new gui, having cross developping with the other open source audio/video editors could be greatly helpful for the communities.

Somekind of coalitionnal entity of the open source development teams that could specialise in putting their advantages together.

Just adding a little mapped list of softwares

(Audio)Recorders-SoundGenerators* (Midi)Synthetisers, Synth-Emulators and Partition Writers (FINALE)

Sound Servers and Plug-Ins

Audio Analysers/Readers Audio Editors Audio/Midi Sequencers (Can include Partition Writing)

Programming (games,…) Video Editors (Use out of an Editor/Sequencer)

*Audio Programming Languages generates sound that could via a sound server be transmitted to a Editor-Sequencer
Also, programs reading streams, or files can be considered as SoundGenerators. (Including videos, and sequencers)

Currently, Audacity is expanding in its ability to use Sound Servers and Plug-Ins, from what I hear its about to become a sequencer by incorporating Synth, and midi editing to the code. Some people suggest Audacity to also edit video, I believe that should be left to video editors, but that Audacity should keep an eye about being well suited to work with video editors.

One of the major points of Open Source is that if I’ve written a piece of software to do something (like an effect), you are free to take that code and use it in your program, thus avoiding duplication of effort. Hence why there is only one major open source MP3 encoder (LAME), one MP3 decoder (libMAD) and so on, which are used by many different open source projects.