Intégration du manuel

Y a-t-il une procédure pour intégrer le manuel dans le programme, version 3.11 béta ? Je ne trouve que le bouton pour le lire sur internet et encore le lien ne fonctionne pas. Merci

La version bêta actuelle est 1.3.12. Si vous êtes sous Windows ou Mac, télécharger le fichier EXE ou DMG d’installation. Puis le Manuel est installé sur votre ordinateur. Cliquez sur Aide > Manuel pour l’ouvrir.

Sous Linux, télécharger . Dossier “Aide” doit aller dans /usr/share/audacity si Audacity a été installé d’un paquet, ou /usr/local/share/audaciy si vous avez compilé Audacity.


Bonjour et merci gale,
Je suis sous windows XP et j’ai la version 3.11 beta. Je vais donc aller chercher la derniere.
Bien sur je reviens donner des nouvelles

Alors Gale, j’ai bien installé la dernière version mais je me retrouve avec le même problème. Lorsque je clique sur aide puis manuel, je n’ai pas davantage de réponse. J’avais pris soin de tout effacer pour ne pas garder des fichiers antérieures inutiles.Lorsque dans le dossier d’installation, je vais dans manuel je trouve des fichiers html qui sont des aides en anglais mais comment les faire apparaître? J’ai pensé remplacer les fichiers d’aide par ceux en français téléchargés précedemment, mais je préfère attendre vos avis.
Puis-je avoir la structure finale de l’installation car je trouve dans manuel un autre répertoire manuel avec images et chacun a égalementun répertoire images… Si c’est normal, pas besoin de la structure. Merci

Si Gale est de retour, j’aimerais avoir la solution.

Je ne parle pas français un peu.

Oui, le fichier EXE remplacera le contenu du dossier “Help” dans le dossier d’installation 1.3.12 Audacity. L’aide qui est installé est en anglais.

Les seules pages qui sont traduits en français sont les pages sur internet qui ont “/ fr” à la fin du nom ici:

Si vous allez à Audacity “Interface” Préférences, et à “Localisation du Manuel”, choisissez “depuis Internet”, puis en cliquant sur Aide > Manuel sera toujours aller à la manuel sur internet (si vous avez le manuel correctement installé ou non).


Helle gale,
Thank’s for your answer. I don’t speack english very well but I understand it if it’s not too technical. I’ve understood all you’ve wrote. I’m going to try. So the manual is not on the computer but only on the site. Maybe one day…

Always me,
I’ve seen how to get help on internet. If it was possible in the interface to have instead of “local” the possibility to choise the directory of the french manual in help, it will be exactly what it’s necessary. Now local is going none.

I have tested it, and with language set to French, and the Help Preference set to “local” the installed copy of the Manual does load in the web browser if I click Aide > Manuel. If you set the Preference to “Depuis internet” does the web browser go to the Manual web site? If not, what browser are you using? Is the web browser already running?

The location for the Manual is fixed. It has to be inside a “help” folder which is located in the folder containing audacity.exe.

Please try this 1.3.13 alpha build which has the help in the correct location:


Good morning,
I’am going to download from the last links. But I would know how is the list of directories and files, because I have:
In directory of Audacity, a sub-directory “help”
In this , i have manual alone
In manual, I have many files, some in French and also directories “pictures” “skins” and one named “manual”.
In that new manual I have a directory "Pictures (images in FR) and many files FRxxxx
It’s maybe for that that I cannot get help directly?

A picture is best that all we can write:

The structure in your image appears to be correct if “help” is in the same directory as audacity.exe but if there is no “index.html” file in help/manual, then when you click Aide > Manuel you will see the “Help on the Internet” error dialogue.

If nothing happens when you click Aide > Manuel in 1.3.13, this suggests the problem is with starting your web browser or bringing it up on top. If so, what web browser are you using?


goood morning,
I’ve Help in the same directory than Audacity and in Manual I have too index.html. But If I click on help, it will go to the internet help in english. I have not the possibility to stay on my computer and to have the French traduction. So what is the opportunity to download the French Manual? Impossible to include him in the audacity program??
I’ve tried to put all the french files instead of english, but no result. I beleave I will put all the french files in a directory alone and make a link to it outside of audacity, after reinstalling it.
Isn’t it.

I don’t see that it can do if you have the preference set to “local”. And certainly 1.3.13 doesn’t do that - it goes to the installed copy of index.html (which is of course in English).

Audacity 1.3 is still Beta, most languages have been translated even less than French has, and accordingly little thought has been given to translated help. 1.2 never officially had installed help other than in English, although unofficial French and German replacements for the built-in help were provided.

Clearly each language needs its own front page in the Manual, and then Audacity could be configured so that when it was running in French language (for example), it would open main_page_fr.html and not index.html. I added a clickable list of currently translated pages to main_page_fr.html so that page will be in the next 1.3.13 Beta installation.

For now your best plan is to delete index.html and quick_help.html from your installed help. Rename the current main_page_fr.html to index.html and rename quick_help_fr.html to quick_help.html. Then when you click Aide > Manuel (or Help > Manual when in English), and have Interface Preferences set to “Local”, you will go to your local copy of Click “Check current version of this page” at the bottom to see the index I added.

Similarly when you click Aide > Aide rapide you will go to your local copy of

If this is helpful, maybe you would like to post a new message translating the above to French to help those who can only read French? :slight_smile:


I’ve read all your post very well. Infortunatly I’ve found that the version I had is 1.3.12 -beta ; I believed I had downloaded the last one on the links you gave me. I’m going to download the 13 and maybe the FR-help again . After I’ll make exactly what you wrote. I hope it will be right. And after all, for the translating, why not. In some other programs, I’m a beta tester, only to say that or that is no good or fail to the programmers.
For that time, I’ll begin with my one copy. And I’ll take again contact for the result and the translating text.
Thank you so much

Just something more: It’s should be writed than in “edition” (in fr) “preferences” we must choose the location for the help. I’ve just find it. And When I put Local , after shuting and opening again Audacity, the help remain at “on internet” but the link go nowhere, nor local nor internet.

I’ve not finded the 1.3.13 ; I’ll download the 1.3.12 no longer includes the help folder. I added it just for you.

If you want 1.3.13 (it would be better, because it is our latest code), then download it from the link in the paragraph above, and add the help folder ( using these instructions.

What I described only works if you install 1.3.12 from the .exe installer, or download 1.3.13 and install the Manual from I don’t know what you mean by download “FR-help again” but if these are some customised files you have obtained elsewhere, we don’t support that.

For most users, they will have the Manual installed and they will leave the Preference at its default setting of “local”. This will then open the installed “index.html” when you click Aide > Manuel. I believe that will work if you install 1.3.12 from the .exe or install 1.3.13 and the If it doesn’t then as I have said a few times, it may be a problem with Audacity not raising your web browser properly.


I’ve uninstalled et reinstalled Audacity with the last link you give me. With that Zip, it is not automaticly installed in windows. i’ve put it in Prgram Files. I’ve also installed the manual in a directory named Help in the directory Audacity. All that is correct and without difficulty.
After running Audacity, I’ve controlled that the default parameter is on local for the help. But when I go to Help, it’s always written “on Internet” fro manual and quick. It should but No matter for an alpha or beta version. But clicking on both the two his not responding. If I change Local for Internet, It run correctly and I get the english Manual.
My computer iin running well. Also my browser. Have you tryed it yourself?
Before loocking after french trduction, it must be running correctly. Wher is the mistake?
For me, it’s not a big problem because I can understand almost all, but I was loocking for french manuel because I know nearly nothing about sound and I was afraid to do not understand the technical terms.
I’ll try again

Try to say exactly what happens when Preferences is set to local and you click Aide > Manuel. Do you see a dialogue “Help on the internet”? In that case Audacity cannot find helpmanualindex.html.

Numerous times, as I already said.

You will need to zip the entire folder you have Audacity installed in (using 7-zip or some similar program), then upload the zip to or a similar file transfer service. Then post the web address of the download here so I can get the zip and see what the problem is. I understand you are on Windows XP. Please also tell me what browser you are using.

The only translated pages are the ones in helpmanual marked _fr.html. If you want to read those without being online, just navigate to those files in Windows Explorer and double-click the one you want to read. It should then open in your web browser.