Integrate the Audacity equalizer into an own media player

Hi everybody!

The title of the post is quite self-explainable. I’d like to integrate the built-in equalizer into my own media player.
Is it possible to do it? I think that, but how this can be done is quite weird for me, due to the amount of includes that are in the files Equalization.h and Equalization.cpp.
Is there anybody that has already “clean” it up, that would like to explain me?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my english).

I’m sure that it is possible, but certainly not easy to do. The code is heavily dependent on wxWidgets. If your application is not built with wxWidgets then it would probably be easier to write an equalizer from scratch rather than trying to adapt the Audacity code.


Thanks for your answer. Indeed I’m not using wxWidget, but Qt instead.
I was wandering if there could be a way to integrate the already existing (and tested) equalizer, but it seems a hard work.
I’ve already done the interface in Qt and I hoped to be able to assign to my sliders its functionality.
If anyone would like to help me, I would appreciate!
Anyway I’ll try to search for a “Qt equalizer”.

Thanks again.