Integrate Noise removal class in iphone

I am developing an ipone application.I am recording a audio file and saved in .wav format.I want to implement noise removal to split the voice from the background i want to implement Audacity’s “Noise Removal” class.I have downloaded the Audiocity code, but i am not able to give my audio(.wav) file as input.Have any one integrated that.When i add the “noise removal” class, it give many errors like

#include <wx/msgdlg.h>

no class found.I dont have wx framework at should i integrate the class and call which method to remove the background noise. please help me out.Thanks.

wxWidgets is a GUI toolkit. You’d need it to draw the Noise Removal dialogue unless you are going to hack Noise Removal to use whatever GUI you are using. I doubt anyone on the Forum will be able to help you, but first of all, is this iPhone appplication you are developing open source and GPL_licensed, so that anyone can take your code and modify it as they wish? If not, you can’t use Audacity code in it, unless you make the Audacity code you use a separately available download with its own EULA to distinguish it from your own EULA.