Instuctions on building Audacity with ASIO support

Hey everyone

I wasn’t sure where to post this except here, so if it is in the wrong place feel free to change or repost it, but please refer to me as I would like feedback on the file.

I created this file to help people who want or have to use audacity with ASIO but are not well versed with computers as I didn’t feel the explanation on the wiki was all too helpful to those people.
As stated all and every criticism and feedback is welcome.

Using win10
Instructions for Audacity with ASIO.pdf (119 KB)

Not how I would do it personally. I don’t quite see why you wouldn’t build wxwidgets in the same manner as audacity itself. i.e. Using the VS interactive interface. Also your point 6 regarding ASIO isn’t clear on setting the correct variable to point to the ASIO SDK install directory and I suspect setting up a system wide environment variable is what trips some people up. There is “more than one way to skin a cat” of course and in the end a deeper understanding of fundamentals will always help if things go wrong.

I tried using the VS interactive interface but with wxWidgets, it just wouldn’t work for me. I don’t know whether there was a setting I had wrong or whatever else but in the command prompt, it worked like a Charm.

Thanks for the feedback in general and if you’re wondering, I pretty much just followed the instructions on the wiki and wrote down what I did to make it work. I did it like this because I have never done any building before and I thought almost all of my Problems could’ve been solved a lot quicker if the instructions on the wiki were a bit clearer.

Anyway thanks again for the feedback and in the attachments is a (slightly) updated version.
Instructions for Audacity with ASIO_v1.1.pdf (119 KB)

Thank you for your document.
I tried to do this but I have problems.
I am using Visual studio 2019 and I upgraded everything to lastest release when opening the project.
After sucsessfully compiled Audacity I get an error chechbox when the program starts:

Error Initializing Audio
Could not find any audio devices
Error: Internal PortAudio error

The program runs fine afterwards, but without any audio… well…
PS! The official 2.2.1 version finds my audio interfaces.

Worth noting is that I am compiling the latest 2.4 beta release of today. Maybe that is the problem?
Also, I tried compiling with older toolsets and SDK’s but same problem.
Also woth noting is that I don’t know what I am doing :laughing:

I’ve just downloaded and tested the 2.4.0 master with VS2017. It built OK and ran in debug mode with no problems. If I can get hold of the community version of VS2019 I’ll try that.
OK tried again with VS2019 allowing all the projects to update before building and that was OK too:-
VS2019 community (32 bit debug build)
Portaudio V19
WXwidgets 3.1.2

I haven’t tried it with a real ASIO device but its picking up the Realtek fake ASIO drivers OK.

The build system is currently changing. Audacity is moving toward using cmake on all platforms and supporting 64-bit builds. The old build instructions “should” still work, but during the transition you may encounter some glitches that need to be worked around. If you don’t have much experience building C++ apps, you may be better to stick with Audacity 2.3.3 until the current situation has stabilised. The 2.3.3 source code is available here: Releases · audacity/audacity · GitHub