Hi all. So I’m new to this whole mixing, engineering, recording, etc. thing. I am looking for a way to create an instrumental to a song with an amazing cello base. After doing all the google searches I possibly can I now know that its almost impossible to completely remove the vocals. However, after playing around with Audacity and its vocal removal options a bit I cant seem to remove the vocals without removing the cello (which is the whole reason I want the instrumental to begin with). In fact I have gotten it to a place where the cello is almost completely gone, and the vocals are dimmed or muted but far from anything close to being silenced.

I think that the vocals and the cello are the two major components of the piece with a backdrop of piano, keyboard, and drums. I don’t know if this has any effect.

Help please!!!

Cello and vocals to a great extent occupy the same frequency band. If the “pan position” (where it sounds in terms of left/right of the stereo mix) of both the vocal and the cello are the same or very similar then there’s no way of removing one without also removing the other.

Okie! Thanks. At least I can stop beating my head against the wall :slight_smile: !

Thanks again!