Instrument pitch drops a half step on playback

I have a new windows computer hp pavilion 360. I have latest pod farm, I have been trying to record bass guitar tracks, and when I play back the pitch drops a half step (for instance an A to an A flat) pulling my hair out… Why is this happening? Does anybody know?

Thank you

I think it’s a minor bug in the Line 6 drivers.
Look in the Windows Sound settings and check what sample rate the pod farm is using in the recording and playback tabs. Set the sample rates so that it is the same in both the recording and playback tabs, and set the Audacity Project Rate to the same.

To make Audacity use the same sample rate each time the app is started, set the “Default Sample Rate” in Preferences (See:

Thank you Steve,
So far me being completely computer ignorant, it is fixed.
Steve, I thank you so much for your help!