Instructions to compile Audacity for use with ASIO

compile audacity v2.txt (20.1 KB)
I finally got it done. If there is anything that is unclear or wrong, please post your thoughts. I typed up this document in Word with an extension .docx. However the Forum would not allow me to upload .docx. As a result, I had to convert it a .txt file. During the conversion, I may have inadvertently deleted something to make the instructions meaningless. If you encounter something weird, please let me know.

Thanks. To me, that just looks like a modified version of compile.txt with some expansions and Cygwin removed. Not a step by step including for example installing Visual Studio.

One of the developers wants to strip ASIO out of compile.txt altogether and mention it as an optional feature on our Wiki. He would strip out Cygwin as well, as you did. He won’t accept expansions for non-developers in compile.txt unless there is an error/something that is not clear even to developers.

So as I said, anything extra needs to go on Wiki. If we treat building help and locale as “optional” we might be able to reuse some of your expansions on any optional pages. Do you want a Wiki account?


Definitely, this is not step by step instructions as in step 1…, step 2… , but it will give someone who does have a little bit of computer skill to compile Audacity to use with ASIO. As I said before, I do not expect it to go into win/compile.txt. Rewriting it as step by step procedure would take a huge amount of my time. I need to go back and do everything from scratch to remember each step. I’ve never used the Wiki before. Using Wiki would allow me to post my instructions, doesn’t it? From you and your colleagues’ opinion, should I post it there?

P.S. Where is the Audacity Forum server located? I noticed that when I posted my threads, the time stamps looked not being realistic.

Your expansions are not that extensive. If you don’t plan further changes, there is probably no point posting them on Wiki right now. It is not yet agreed what the “optional” instructions will be and where they will go.

I saved your file, so if I feel there is anything in your expansions that can be slotted into the optional instructions, I will add it. Thanks for your work. It shows us what you found confusing in the instructions we had.

The server is somewhere in the Americas. Have you looked in your User Control Panel top left of the Forum, “Board preferences” tab, then “Edit global settings”? You can change your time zone there.