Instructional Video

Hi, I have an old CD version 1.3 which has the instructional video for using the software and setting everything up.

My question is; now that I have installed an up to date version of Audacity 2.2.1, are the videos still accurate or is there a more up to date version?

Thanks in anticipation,


The basics of recording should hold up even if the particulars of Audacity don’t.

Audacity has no official videos. Everybody wants to record a video but few want to edit and cut for clarity and pacing. Zero people want to submit to the editorial process and less than zero people want to correct errors or reshoot at the next Audacity upgrade.


Hi there.

Forgive me for doing a bit of shameless self promotion here :slight_smile: but we produced a video series on using Audacity for Radio some time ago.

The videos are free to watch, and hopefully there is something of value for everyone there.


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