Installing Skype (possibly) wrecked my recording environment

So I made a recording one day, all was good. Then I installed skype the same day, made a call. I then made another recording in audacity and it was messed up. The levels (or whatever they’re called) maxed out at +.5 and -.5. I tried increasing the levels for the microphone in the sound panel in Windows. The level could fill the entire spectrum now, but the audio definitely still sounded off. Anyone know what’s going on?

Do you leave Skype running in the background in case you get a call? You can do that to the computer you don’t use for recording.

Skype got to be the first choice in sound conferencing by viciously taking over the computer running it. It always works because it has a white-knuckle death-grip on your sound services.

Go into the Windows control panels and see if the voice processing has been switched on.


By default, when you close Skype it only closes the main window (“minimizes” the app), but continues to run in the background. Even when running in the background it can still interfere with other audio programs. To close Skype completely, look for a Skype icon in the computer task bar (near the time/date in the bottom right corner of the Desktop). Note that some icons may be hidden, in which case you need to expand the hidden icons. Right click on the Skype icon and select “Quit”.

That may be all that you need to do, but it’s quite likely that you will also need to readjust the recording levels (right-click the speaker icon by the system clock).

Thanks everybody. I closed Skype and re-adjusted my levels from the sound panel and now everything is working fine.