Installing Anwida Soft light Reverb

My friend is using Audacity 2.0.5 and has been unable to install Anwida Soft light Reverb. She has used it in the past, but her machine was recently reconfigured and it disappeared from her effects menu. We have downloaded the Anwida installation file (asdxlr20.exe) and run it. It creates an Anwida folder in Program Files (X86). We told Audacity to rescan for VST effects after the installation, but Anwida still didn’t appear in the effects menu.

So… we copied the anwida dll file into the main VST directory (in Program files [x86]) and also into the C:Program files/Audacity/Plugins directory. Anwida then shows up in the list of available VST effects on rescanning for them; however, it fails to appear in the Audacity’s effects menu.

Is Anwida Soft light Reverb still available? I was unable to find a download link on their website. It was previously listed on this page:

Still available if you go “wayback” in time …

There are (the same) working links here: and here . definitely appears in Audacity so also should do so.

Audacity does not look there as per (unless you set the directory as VSTPluginsPath in the Windows Registry).

Try with the zip link above. Tell your friend she has to look underneath the divider in the Effect menu (after Wahwah).


If you click on “download” on that page , it takes you to a page which currently does not contain the Anwida_Soft_DX_Reverb_Light, [ all downloads on their current download page are “DEMO”, none are “FREE”,
but the freebie is still available via the wayback machine ].

Maybe offering the freebie was harming the $ales of their other reverb plugins ?

Thanks for the reply, Gale! I have downloaded the zip file you suggested and will help my friend install it next time I see her. We’ll let you know if Anwida then appears. (We do know there are two separate alphabetical lists of effects, which I’ve always assumed to be Audacity’s native effects and then those of other software companies. Anwida wasn’t hiding anywhere in the effects list. We looked carefully.)

Thanks again.
Laurie Norton

Maybe delete that folder , as having multiple copies of “ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb Light.dll” may cause confusion / conflict.
Just one copy of the dll in “C:Program FilesAudacityPlug-Ins” is required.

The direct download links on the two Wiki pages were and are working, but I clarified on the GVerb page that neither the Light or Full version of DX Reverb have download links on the Anwida site. It seems that DX Reverb has been replaced with Spazio .

Spazio is only DirectX and SAWStudio, so won’t work at all in Audacity unless you can find a VST plug-in that offers a wrapper for DirectX effects.

Spazio offers MIDI control of effect parameters but Audacity does not have MIDI input support, so Spazio may not work fully in Audacity even if you find a DirectX wrapper.


We were successful at installing Anwida Soft light following your instructions, Gale. Thank You!

Just adding a current info referring to Audacity 2.1.2 and v3.232 of Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light: if you have copied or moved the downloaded .dll to the correct plugins subfolder of Audacity, you have to activate Anwida in the plugins manager (as it is listed as “new” there which means it will not show in the effects list), and then you can find it as “L1V” in the list of available external effects, not as “Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light”. This is of course a bug, because L1V would be their limiter/maximizer plug-in, not the reverb, see also their download page.

It’s a “bug” in the plugin, not Audacity. Anwida named the DXReverb Light as “L1V” (look at the title bar in the effect).

The only reason it showed in the Effect menu as “Anwida Soft: L1V” in older versions of Audacity was because we sorted the effect list by vendor name.

If you want that old behaviour (which many thought was a “bug”), you can open the Effects Preferences and choose the option to sort by publisher and effect name.


Yes I know, probably should have mentioned that. I wrote a related bug report to their Technical Support on their website today and already got a reply:

Re: Support request for DX Reverb Light

Thank you for your feedback.
A new release of the DX Reverb Light will be available shortly (within
the end of this month).

Best regards
Massimiliano Tonelli

If you want that old behaviour (which many thought was a “bug”), you can open the > Effects Preferences > and choose the option to sort by publisher and effect name.

Thanks for mentioning that option, I will do that for the time being.