Installing 2.0.5


I had Audacity 2.0.1 installed on my desktop running XP-Pro and installed 2.0.5 without uninstalling 2.0.1. I ended up with two 2.0.5 icons on my desktop. I thought this was because of the previous version, so I uninstalled 2.0.5. There was one icon left on my desktop (that did not do anything) so I deleted it. I installed 2.0.5 again, and once again there were two icons on my desktop.

I installed 2.0.5 on my laptop running Vista and there was no previous version installed on it. Only one desktop icon.

Anything to be concerned about?


You can check which version you are actually running by looking in Audacity’s Help menu > About Audacity,

If you right-click on the icon you can delete the desktop icon without deleting anything else.

Both Desktop icons are running 2.0.5 and both point to the same path.

I guess I can just delete one of them. I just thought it was strange that there were two and was wondering if anyone else came across this or if there was anything to be concerned about.

Any other tips, please let me know.


If you install Audacity 2.0.x to the same folder as the previous installation of Audacity, the Desktop shortcut pointing to it should just get overwritten. It does for me.