Installed audacity, and now my laptop has no sound

I installed a version of audacity (earlier 2.x version) and lame on my laptop (Lenovo thinkpad, w series), and for some reason my internal speakers no longer work. The headphone jack puts sound out fine, but whenever the speakers try to put sound out it just makes a popping sound and then nothing. The volume meter mixer shows there should be some output. It would seem like a driver issue, but i put on new drivers straight from lenovo, but still nothing. I also don’t think its a hardware issue, since its happened on two laptops (the other was another of the same model.) I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but again, didn’t seem to help. A quick search of the forums turns up nothing all that similar. Has anyone had a similar problem, or have any idea how to fix this?

Audacity shouldn’t interfere with any other applications…

Go into Windows Control Panel and make sure your built-in speakers are selected and enabled. (If you’re running Windows 7, right click the speaker/volume icon and select Playback Devices.

Did you install any USB audio devices?

I vaguely seem to remember that the Lenovo W series (or some of those) have the same problem with ALSA on Linux. Sorry, doesn’t help you, but I’ll see if I can dig up something.

Which model do you have precisely?

Well i should say I’m not 100% sure its audaacity. But it happened around the same time, and i believe it happened around the same time with my last computer. I was wondering if ffmpeg or one of the other messed up a setting, or it got de-selected somehow messing with audacity, since i was having trouble recording when i did have sound.

Its a W520.