Installed 3.1.3 but all menus greyed out and cannot exit

Upgraded from version 2 to 3.1.3 (Windows 11, 64 bit) and it seemed to be fine on the first startup.
I had a message telling me that I needed to sort out FFmpeg, so I downloaded it and restarted Audacity.
All the menus were greyed out and unresponsive and when I pressed the X button to close it, nothing happened.
I reinstalled it and it worked on the first startup but on the second I had the same problems.
Any clues where to start?

It’s a long shot, but try clicking on Audacity’s “Stop” button. Sometimes Audacity 3.1.x gets stuck in play mode, which locks out everything else until you click “Stop”.

Thanks Steve,

Just gone back to it after a few hours away and restarting it seems to have cleared it.

The only thing I’ve done is to answer negatively to the option to restore a file that was left from a previous bad shutdown. The last time I started it I had answered ‘Yes, restore file’ - maybe there was something corrupt in the file?

I’m going to keep using it and see how I get on.