Installation query

Hi Guys

I’m a musician and broadcaster from London, England.

I’ve just downloaded Audacity on to a 64 bit PC running Windows 7. The error message points to the smaller download (without the help section) as missing


What is this mysterious widget and how do I track it down please?

The advice is to reinstall (with filters off this time better?) but I doubt its as simple as that?

Oddly the thing opened in my C Drive (with no desktop icon) but not when I moved it to Desktop. Of course I’ve no way if knowing if it was going to function.

Thanks very much for your advice, Cheers, Andy

“wxbase28u_vc_custom.dll” is one of the libraries from wxWidgets. wxWidgets allows Audacity to be built for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the same source code.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Windows guy myself so the next part is “to the best of my knowledge”.

The Windows version of Audacity includes the following 5 wxWidgets dlls:

Normally these files would be written to the Audacity installation folder when Audacity is installed, or, if the Audacity ZIP package is used, they are included in the Audacity program folder. Either way, these dlls should be present in the same folder as the “audacity.exe” file.

What exactly did you move?
Did you use the Audacity installer from here: