Installation Problem!

Dear Sir,
I recently purchased a T2 MP3 converter from Aspect-Two, but find that each time I attempt to install it onto my Windows 7 running laptop, a portion of the right hand side of the operating panel is missing, so making two of the operating buttons inaccessible.
I returned the first device (thinking that it was faulty) but the replacement device’s software does the same.
I have successfully installed it onto my old Windows XP Desktop PC, but as it is rather ancient now (10 years old) the sound card doesn’t seem able to cope, so MP3 reproduction is garbled.
I really need to have it on my laptop, as it is a relatively new machine.
Can you assist, please?
Brian Rowe.

Please note, we do not make either Tape2MP3 or the “CassetteMate” software that comes with it. The display and other issues with the CassetteMate software are described on the Tape-to-MP3 site: .

If you wish, you can record from Tape2MP3 using Audacity instead of CassetteMate. To do this, I suggest you get the latest Audacity 2.0.2 from here:

Then read this page in the Audacity 2.0.2 Manual thoroughly (it is relevant to USB cassette decks as well as USB turntables): .


Many thanks for your reply!
I’ll investigate.