installation on High Sierra from source

I am running into problems with installing audacity from source on High Sierra.

After two full days of unsuccessful installation attempts I finally found the following link:

Interpreting these instructions made me believe that my previous attempts failed because I was using the current XCode 9.2. So I have move that one to and installed the 8.1 version (without installing the extra package command line tools, since I didn’t see how to keep the new version aside…). I continued installing the SDK.

But I cannot follow: sudo /mac/build_wxwidgets .
because I don’t have the mac directory (which I believe is osx). But even worse, there is no file called “build_wxwidgets” anywhere…

Could please clarify this line.

In Xcode when compiling, there is an error complaining about <QuickTime/QuickTime.h> not being found.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

PS. I am compiling because I want to run audacity from command line and record something every day at a specific time with specific options.

It is in the Audacity source code. You can see it here:
If you don’t have that file, then you don’t have the full Audacity source code. Where did you get the Audacity source code from?

The instructions (point 8) explicitly state to download, which doesn’t contain that file.
I am trying with master later today…

Audacity is one project, WxWidgets is another.

WxWidgets is the cross-platform toolkit used by Audacity. On macOS, Audacity requires a patched version of WxWidgets.
There are two options for obtaining the patched version of WxWidgets. The recommended way is to download the patched version from
The other way is to download WxWidgets from the WxWidgets site, and apply patches from the Audacity source code.

The Audacity source code is here: (current development code)
The 2.2.1 release version source code is here:

To build Audacity, you need both;
A patched build of WxWidgets.
The Audacity source code.

Thanks so much. My bad, I wasn’t reading correctly and wasn’t even thinking about that you already implemented all the necessary things…
So, now I got wxWidgets to compile without any issue.

When trying to compile audacity I now run into the following problem:

Bernds-Mac-Pro:mac bernd$ xcodebuild -configuration Release install 2>&1 > install.log

The following build commands failed:
CompileC build/ /Users/bernd/programs/audacity-Audacity-2.2.1/lib-src/portmidi/pm_mac/pmmacosxcm.c normal i386 c
(1 failure)

see attached file for additional information.

Do you have any clue what might be going wrong now?

Thanks again!!!
install.log (23.8 KB)

It seems that you are still using XCode 9.
You need to restart the system after installing XCode 8

I restarted, and removed some variables that relate to the compile like CC, CXX etc.

Now it seems that I don’t have the correct version of ftp:

/bin/sh -c /Users/bernd/programs/audacity-Audacity-2.2.1/mac/build/
Retrieving plugins
ftp: invalid option – ‘o’
Try ‘ftp --help’ or ‘ftp --usage’ for more information.
/Users/bernd/programs/audacity-Audacity-2.2.1/mac/scripts/ line 83: cd: ./swh-plugins-0.4.15: No such file or directory
Building sc4_1882 using gcc
clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘sc4_1882.c’
clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘util/db.c’
clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘util/rms.c’
clang: error: no input files


The following build commands failed:
PhaseScriptExecution Install\ plugins build/
(1 failure)

I installed inetutils using xcode 9.2 and switched back to 8.1 after installation.
ftp works, but doesn’t understand the option o…

any suggestions?

Seems that the build script requires the BSD version of ftp.
If you have access to a machine with Sierra, the easiest solution is to copy ftp from the Sierra machine to the High Sierra machine (it’s probably in /usr/bin/)

I think the only thing that ftp is used for is for grabbing the SC4 plug-in, which can either be downloaded manually from, or copy from a release version of Audacity, and disable that part of the build script.

Some additional information about the ftp issue from one of the Audacity developers:

The obstacle is building and installing the sc4 LADSPA plug-in, which perhaps they can live without. If so, then in XCode,

choose the Project Navigator (the folder button in the left pane), click on Audacity.
In the middle pane, choose Build Phases.
Find “Install Plugins”.
Click the x to the right, to delete that step, and confirm.


after copying an old version of ftp from a colleague…

Thanks so much for all your kind help.

If by chance you have a concrete example script that I can use to start developing my use-case that would be even better… :wink: (apart from…


Hooray and congratulations :smiley:

Sorry, no I don’t.

the good news: Audacity works, I installed the program from the /tmp folder and it looks nice.

the bad new: the scripting module won’t compile :astonished: :unamused:

I found that the make file refers to SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk so I found it on some github page and copied it to the SDK folder like before.
I also changed the version to 10.6 and 10.12.
All of them are complaining about wx/wx.h and then setup.h not being found. Thus, I included the -I directories from the installation used when creating audacity.

With the 10.12 version I get the least errors, so I post this here:

In file included from /Users/bernd/programs/wxWidgets-audacity-fixes/include/wx/nonownedwnd.h:14:
/Users/bernd/programs/wxWidgets-audacity-fixes/include/wx/window.h:1991:40: error: type ‘wxAccessible’ is not a
direct or virtual base of ‘wxWindowAccessible’
wxWindowAccessible(wxWindow* win): wxAccessible(win) { if (win) win->SetAccessible(this); }

I don’t know what I am doing anymore and have no clue where to start searching. Is it possible that this scripting module is not working on Mac (High Sierra)? At some point I saw a message that only windows OS is supported…

Thanks again for the continued support.

It’s possible, but I don’t really know as I’ve not tried. (My usual platform is Linux.)

I’ve asked the developers if anyone can advise.