Installation of my cassette capture device

i have installed audacity but when i plug in the cassette capture device i don’t see that it has installed
it records my voice but not the cassette

You have to tell Audacity to record from the USB device,
rather than the computer’s microphone …

Plug in the USB device before starting Audacity. (If Windows doesn’t find it, Audacity won’t find it.)

The select the USB device as your Recording Device.

Thank you, I now am recording, however it records voice ok but music is recording not at the right speed, it is warbling for want of a better explanation, i set up all the parameters as per the link but don’t understand the music play speed

i should have said talking voice is recording fine but when the music starts it isn’t

I’ve just bought a cassette to digital player to record cassettes into my computer. The disc with it uploaded Audacity. The instructions say go to Edit - Preferences and choose USB. But there is no USB option. I’m stuck. Any ideas welcome. Thanks,

i just followed the links in the previous answers
and it worked ok to record but only the spoken voice
the music still isn’t good (the wrong speed I think) so I am looking into it further
Any advice welcome

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