Installation: Do NOT run Audacity from the DMG!!!! Permane

I am grateful as a system admin that I did find your post about Audacity and its apparent malfunctions on mac if not installed as per your instructions…
However it is also necessary to point out that this configuration is a botch job at best and three toed one eyebrow neanderthink engineering on colorful display at worst. I resemble both these remarks :slight_smile:
I really love my audacity running on the Win8.1 platform with no problems but this contraption that you have rigged up for the mac is a royal pain to figure out what the problem is.
Bad news is best told loudly prominently and frequently.
You should list this post in your publishers comments on Download.Com where this program most frequently comes from.
I am also going to repost your post around some mac areas where audacity comes up in discussion.
I welcome anyone’s assistance in making this information more prominent in search engines to reduce downtime.
This is a shoal or a sandbar that most people should avoid and its a good idea to put out a buoy or lighthouse so people don’t shipwreck on it.
I certainly appreciate all your hard work and efforts… but you have to be more vocal about problems and trouble. This little incident cost me and my people several hours trying to figure out what was wrong with your program.
Others should be made aware of this trap and avoid it.
Thank you so much for your time and hard work.

I use Audacity to forge audio files for use on telephone and communications systems in a variety of formats.

While you are doing that, feel free to encourage people to download from the official download location (where the installation instructions are also shown)

The latest version should have more bug fixes and be better suited to deal with issues.
Thanks for the assistance.
Also see what you can do to get the developers to incorporate all files and modules in a single file like many other mac programs so that a folder and special instructions are not necessary.

How about reading Install.txt in the DMG?

The current Mac developer is not keen to change the code in numerous place to change the locations where Audacity looks for its files. It has been suggested before. There may be workarounds. Time is the enemy.

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