Install on Linux

I want to begin installation of the latest version of Audacity on Linux. I think I went looking and there are different packages, like deb, ubuntu, maybe some others. How should I proceed? I am using Mint 19.1 Cinnamon Pentium© Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz × 2

I’m looking at this page

Is 2.3.3 the latest version? I don’t see any downloads. Or can I get 2.3.3 using the terminal?

Install the deb version with your package manager. You may get a slightly old version, but it should at least be fully functional (which some of the other versions aren’t).

Give a shout if you need more help getting the right version - I’ve seen that Ubuntu have made it far more complicated than it needs to be.

Thanks Steve. I’ve already got a slightly older version - 2.2.1. I would like to install 2.3.3. And I think I tried this a few weeks ago and had some issue concerning PPA.

See my reply here:

I tried this a few weeks ago. I stopped at the PPA issue because the page only links to an untrusted PPA. Is it advisable to use that PPA? Why are there no trusted PPA’s?

I’m installing the PPA now. I just can’t limp along with an older version of Audacity until the new one arrives.

Found someone at the Linux forum who knew this stuff very well. We got 2.3.3 installed along with PPA. Says that PPA will alert me when 2.4.0 is released. I just had to have 2.3.3 for now. WOOOT

Steve - I couldn’t wait and had to install 2.3.3, because the version downloaded through the Linux Software Manager was acting very crappy. The cursor was not scanning the waves properly. It was all a garble. It was like you put the needle into the groove of an LP and it skipped over the groove, sometimes grabbing the groove, and jumping out of the groove and back into the grooves. So, that’s why it was so urgent. Didn’t have time yesterday to tell you the whole situation. Just in case you think I was being difficult. It had to be done. So now I await the glories of 2.4.0.