install ok but not run in XT

i install ok on a XT no problemo

but when try to run a message immediatly come

not able to run try to install new way

I made install 3 time same message

what i shoud make now

NB for moderator I already run on a me ok

What is “XT”?
Do you mean “Windows XP”?

What is the actual error message?

it is on xp professional pack3 like you said somtime I mix up

the real message is in frech

I try to put a tranlation here

((((this application cannot start because the configuration is incorrect à
reinstall application could be fix the problem)))

I already made reinstall 3 time

jacques savard

I think there is some missing information in that message. What is the full message (in French)

the full in french is
about audacity.exe
((((cette application n’apue demarrer car la configuration de l’application est incorrecte.
Réinstaller l’application pourrait résoudre le probleme.

like a said erlier
i already have one on a me machine and I verify the other is a xp pack 2

not a xp pro pack3

maybe it is somwhere around this the pack 2 or 3

something missing in pack3

i love audigy

if Icannot fix I ahve to go to somthing else but waht maybe a ealyer version&??

jacques savard
quqbec canada

Was there no error code, for example “Impossible d’éxécuter le fichier C:program files…adacity.exe create process a échoué; code 14001.”

I untherstand what you try to find


sorry realy no error code ororror code

window is window

do I can instal a old version like not theno2 where I can find a version like 1.2.6 that the one I have on my me system

HOW I can transport it on the xppro pack3

just copy all file or something else

jacques savard

quebec canada


Like I thing the 1.2.6workwell

or installwell

I have to test ifallthelame 3work and filter for scratch on the open reel or vinyl work alos

for themoment it is okfor me

but still a bug somewhere

quebec canada

The problem sounds like this one, but I don’t understand why there is no error code.
Perhaps you could try this anyway: