install a plugin

Sorry for this - I feel like I should know it or be able to find it, but no luck so far…

I’m using Audacity to put together sound files for a play my wife is directing. some of the sound effect clips are too short - she needs “dead air” at the end of the clip.

I tried just dragging the file end past the signal, but it seems to have truncated it. Or maybe I did it wrong. I can drag repeats of the same clip down the time line to space the repeats out, but that’s not what she wants.

(we used to have a newspaper columnist here who referred to his wife as “She who must be obeyed”. This may give you a sense of how significant this challenge is to me…)


Roger Priddle
Ver. 2.0.6 Toshiba laptop

Press the END key to go to the end of the project,
then generate some silence (Generate menu)
then Export.

Ok - now I feel dumb. Never thought to “generate” silence - just to “add” silence.

Funny how easy it is when one uses the right vocabulary - the problem is anticpating what area the right command will be in.

As usual, thanks for the quick, accurate response.

“She who must be obeyed.”

A line from Rumpole at the Bailey, a BBC television show - 1980. Rumpole, a barrister, lives with his sister who rules the house.



You’re absolutely correct - Rumpole’s sister.
The reporter I was thinking of referred to his cubicle-neighbour as “TMITNO” - “the man in the next office” - it was a sort of in-joke for the 1/2 million people who read that paper…

I don’t think Rumpole ever married - perhaps the sister explains why…

Ah, but he did

“In the television series, where Rumpole first appeared, there is some consistency with regard to Rumpole’s backstory. The original play is set in 1974, and Rumpole states that he is 64 years old, suggesting a birthdate of 1910 (although Leo McKern, the actor who played Rumpole, was born in 1920). Rumpole’s Oxford Book of English Verse is inscribed “Horace Rumpole, Little Wicks School 1923. Cursed be he who steals this book,” (Series 4 – 1987); he bought his barrister’s wig in 1932; first appeared in court in 1937; first met Hilda on 14 August 1938; served in the RAF Ground Staff in WWII; married Hilda in approximately 1944 …”

" He secretly calls his wife Hilda “She Who Must Be Obeyed”, a reference to the fearsome queen in the adventure novel She by H. Rider Haggard."