Inserting sound clips between previously saved clips

I’m importing aout 12 songs into audacity that our band has recorded in a local bar. I’d like to export/save several of the songs and then insert applause clips. Can this be done once the songs have been mixed down to a single stereo track? How can it be done?

Yes it can, but are you sure that you want to mix them all down to one track? Normally you would keep them as separate tracks so that your listeners can select which track to listen to. For example, if you deliver one long MP3, or a CD with one track, then you can’t skip to another track.

It makes sense to me to have them individually but every time I try to do that it doesn’t work - actually, it corrupts my entire file - so I concluded that it wasn’t possible.

Perhaps this tutorial in the manual will help: Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual