Inserting multiple pauses.

Hi. I am using windows 8 and audacity 2.0.4.

I have an audio file I would like to transcribe. I normally either use my foot pedal or dragon naturally speaking to dictate it into word perfect, but I would like to start using the option on Dragon to record my voice dictation and have it transcribe it later on. This way if I’m not near my computer I can have the audio file on my ipod and dictate it on a recorder so I can then later on upload my recording on my computer to be transcribed by dragon. I know it seems complicated, but basically I am looking for a way to take an audio mp3 and insert pauses every 30 seconds or so so I can have the opportunity to repeat what is being said in my recorder. Kind of like a language learning CD where they say something in Spanish, and then gives you time to repeat. Is this possible using Audacity?

Thanks for your help!

Try the Audio Chunker plug-in. Add it to the Audacity Plug-Ins folder then restart Audacity.


Wow. This is perfect. Thanks so much!