Inserting MP3 between Tracks


I’m new to this forum and this is my first question. I’ve got a project with multiple tracks. Each track contains a single section of audio. Where the audio finishes in any track the next track’s audio starts, so that I have this sort of setup

. (I was never very good at art at school). I have an mp3 file that I’d like to insert in between two tracks and I’d like all proceeding tracks to reshuffle so that they continue to start where the previous one finishes and the layout in the image is maintained. How do I do this?

I hope I’ve made sense here.


If I’m not understanding your question correctly, see here for how to attach pictures:

To insert a new file within your current project:

  1. Import the new file (File > Import > Audio). This will create a new track.
  2. (Optional but probably makes the next step easier) - click on the track information in the panel at the left end of the track and drag the track up so that lies between the tracks where you want the new audio. Take care not to accidentally move the track pan or volume sliders.
  3. Use the Time Shift tool (F2 key or press the ↔ button) to slide the new track to the right so that it begins at the correct time position.
  4. Change back to the normal Selection Tool (F1 key)
  5. Click on the next audio track in the time sequence, then press shift+End. This will select from where you click to the end of the project for the currently selected track.
  6. Use the up/down cursor keys to move focus from one track to another and press the Enter key to toggle the selection on/off for that track.
  7. When you have all of the tracks that need to be moved selected, change back to the Time Shift tool (F2 key) and drag the selected tracks to the right.

Tip, if you get it wrong, use Ctrl+Z to Undo and have another go.