Inserting Marks During Recording


I am a bit of a noob and am trying to do the following…

I will be receiving LINE audio during someone’s Powerpoint Presentation. I would like to be able to hit a key each time the presenter clicks to a new slide. I can then separate the audio and slides for another program (Articulate)…

Any good way of doing this besides watching the current audio portion and manually recording the timecode?



<<<manually recording the timecode?>>>

I think some versions don’t tell you the time while they’re recording. Did you try it? In any event, you can take down time of day with a good watch and know when you started.

I think you can add a label on the fly. Project > Add Label At Selection. On Macs it’s Apple-B. You tell me what it is on Windows, if that’s what you have.


Thanks Koz… I am running the latest Beta (1.3.*)… and the adding label (CTRL-B on Windows) feature is available during PLAYBACK only… not during recording tho.
Actually, it it available during recording but it doesnt add a label at the current AUDIO POSITION.

I think the feature I am looking for is something called “Marking” or “Adding Marks”…



try CTRL + M - this will put down markers while you are recording. And you can use the Tab key after recording to tab between the markers.


WC -

Thank you… exactly what I was looking for!