Inserting Markers Between Songs

I use DVD Studio Pro to create music dvd discographies of my favorite bands and I’ve found that joining all the tracks of a cd together and importing as one file seems to be the best way to go for that. The only problem is it gets to be a real pain going in and figuring out the points in between the songs to insert chapter markers. Is there a simple way to put some sort of markers on the track that Studio Pro would recognize? Even if it only gave me the time stamps of where I needed to set the chapter markers it would be a huge help.

Unless the CD was created with no gap in the chapters (like an opera) the two-second gap between songs is fairly standard. You might be able to use the Analyze > Silence Finder.

Audacity doesn’t manage time stamps.
Audacity doesn’t have Markers. That’s a Frequently Requested Product Enhancement. It has labels and I don’t know any other program that uses them.