Inserting into a track

(Using 2.03 for the Mac).
I’ve done some recording/editing of old tapes, but some time ago and I’m still a beginner. I’ve read the manual index, wiki, etc. and read several articles and don’t see what I need.

I’ve saved a track (conversation ) as a mp3, which I’ve edited to get it the way I want it. Now, I’d like to add some information to the beginning of the file. (date, place, people’s names, etc.)

  1. I think I probably have to open a new track, record what I want and then copy the original track to the end of my new track. Is that correct?
    If so, how do I do that?

  2. Or is there an easier way? (Can I create a “gap” in the track and insert information?)

  3. Where in the manual would I find this info? Or what search terms should I use for Google?

Thanks for any advice.

You are correct: you need to record a new track then add the previous track to the end.

You didn’t need to save the first track as an MP3 - doing so results in a loss of quality when you bring it back into Audacity then export it again as an MP3.

Do you still have the original Audacity project (the AUP file and the _data folder)? If so, open that.
Verify that your microphone is working.
Click the “Mute” button on the first track.
Click the “Record” button - a new recording will begin on a new track. Record your introduction. Click the “Stop” button
Edit the introduction track to get it the way you want.
Using the Time Shift Tool, drag the first track into the second and position it the way you want.
Delete the (now empty) first track
Export the resulting track.

If you don’t have the original Audacity project, proceed as above to record your introduction, then:
Import the MP3 into the project - it will appear in a new track
Using the Time Shift Tool, drag the first track into the second and position it the way you want.
Delete the (now empty) second track
Export the resulting track.

There are other ways to do this. Note that if your original track is stereo and your introduction is mono (one channel) you will need to convert the mono recording to stereo before you drag the original recording into the introduction track - select “Make Stereo Track” from the Track Drop Down Menu

You should consider upgrading to the latest Audacity (version 2.0.5)

– Bill

Alternatively could paste a copy the of the new recording to the start of the “original track”.
Copying and pasting is like a word-processor : select the area you want to copy, press Ctrl+C,
move the cursor to where you want it pasted , then press Ctrl+V …

Oops on a Mac it’s command key , “Cmd”, rather than control key “Ctrl”.

Bill and Trebor,
Success! I used the “cut and paste” method. I also tried the time shift method, but when I clicked on the time shift tool, I could never get it to turn off. (I always had the time shift cursor). Eventually I had to close Audacity and re-start. Bill, if you see this reply, could you tell me how to get the “editing” cursor back? (I upgraded to 2.0.5 per your advice. )

I find the Audacity Manual rather hard to use and the links are priceless. I’m copying your replies into a Word document and keeping them for future use. Thanks for your quick responses.

just click on the I-beam (looks like a capital I) on the Tools Toolbar - see this page in the Manual: Audacity Manual


We still have to install a decent search for the online version of the Manual.

Meantime you could try bookmarking this: "Device Toolbar" site: - Google Search . Just replace “Device Toolbar” with whatever you are searching for.