inserting audio in an track [SOLVED]


I have a movie in both rated and unrated version.
The unrated version has only English audio (dtshdma 5.1)
The rated version has only French audio (dtshdma 5.1)
something like (x,y is the common audio, A is what is missing):

English: xxxxxxxAAAAyyyyyyy
French: xxxxxxxyyyyyyy

The idea would be to copy AAAA from English track and paste it in the French track between x and y
“luckily”, x A and y are not dialogs, just music and street noise.

I can imagine that this must hell but I’m curious to see if that is possible and if it’s as complicated as I imagine it is.

Currently both track are loaded as project in Audacity.

You will need to use a video editor to put the audio back into the video, so perhaps it would be easier to do the whole job in your video editor. Most video editors support simple cut / paste type editing.


thanks for the reply.
My plan was just to remux the modified French audio into the unrated video.
I want to keep the video intact, I only need to insert what missing in the French audio track

If you have the sound tracks for both versions of the video, you can import them both into the same Audacity project, then use the “Envelope” feature to silence the parts that you don’t want.
Start off by dragging the envelope down to silence on one track, and the envelope at the top of the other track, then add control points (drag the envelope with the envelope tool) to silence / unsilence parts as required.

Here’s a mockup of what it might look like:
When you export the project to create a new audio file, the tracks will be mixed together to create one file.

thanks, i tried with small files and it worked.
I’ll need a to do it on a beefier PC for the full length audio files, though. My laptop is just too slow for that.

Hi steve,

I finally got my hands on a powerful PC and added several segments from the English soundtrack into the French soundtrack.
Took me about 12 hours to get it done, half of that just to get by audacity GUI. It’s not that easy to work with waveforms.

then I exported everything back into a ac3 5.1 file and the result is just perfect.

thanks again!

Congratulations. I’m glad to hear that it worked out for you :slight_smile:

I’ll mark this topic as ‘solved’.