Inserting audio at multiple points in audacity projects

I have a need in my project that I need to replace a particular audio in the project by another one. I have created a new audio track in the project and am using copy-paste of audio from another file manually at pre-defined labels in the new audio track in the project. However, the number of such replacements has become much more now and I find it time consuming/error prone to do it manually.

How can I do this quickly? I don’t think chains support anything like this. Can I link this external audio file to multiple timeline locations in the project? If it’s not possible manually, then I also use any script/code to achieve this in audacity?

What’s the show? If you’re trying to beat or rhythm match then you’re pretty much stuck doing it manually.

The requirement is add the same audio clip at multiple labels in a audacity file. Right now, I am going to each label and adding this audio as a separate track using copy-past. I wanted to automate it to save time. Is there any script/plug-in or audacity inbuilt feature that can help me?