Inserting audacity output into video

First post here.
I have recorded an AVI video with rather poor audio that I want to improve.
I extracted the audio using AOA audio extractor and made a great improvement to the audio using Audacity.
What tool can I use to recombine the audio with the video and establish lip sync?
I’m happy to pay within reason for something that is not overkill.


i am guessing any quote you could get would be considered “overkill”

if your new file is the same length as the original file in h:m:s:frames
cant you just copy it into the folder it came from and see if it is close enough for govt work when you play them back together?

if you have a clapper at the start of each scene that would help
else you will have to do a lot of work to line things up.

alternatively some heavier duty AV software might be easier to work with then shoehorning an audacity sound edit back into the video.

It was the software I referred to as overkill, not the price. I don’t want to buy a complex package with a steep learning curve to do just the one job.

You mean playing the audio and video in parallel exactly on cue, and recording the result? Is that really practical?

That comes back to the first point. I have a lot of experience with Audacity and have got a good result with the audio file, so I would prefer to stick with it if possible.

i took yr msg to mean you wanted to hire someone

yes other programs would be pricier than audacity
but perhaps they would be easier enough on your time and blood pressure so as to be worth it

dont know if the suggestion is practical for you
but it would be cheap and not that hard to try

at least it should not harder than trying to line up every scene for lip sync manually – if you could do that you could try the other way once for no effort

A recent thread about video editing freeware …

Just noticed the original poster of that thread had Windows Movie Maker, with which it is possible to re-dub (replace the video sound track), so they didn’t need additional video editing software to change the video sound track.

Thank you Trebor!
I will have a try with that. If it doesn’t work I will look at Blazemp that promises to do the job.


Blazemp was not mentioned in the thread I suggested.

According to this forum’s search engine you are the only person who has written “Blazemp” in a post.

On that thread Stevethefiddle gave this link to a dozen different free video editors.

No, that was another program that I just read about. I will leave it as a backup.
Thanks for your help!