Inserting a clip.

I would like to insert an 8 second clips(mp3) a couple of times into a 3 minute recording(mp3) so the final product is 3 minutes 16 seconds.

For the project, I imported the 3 minute recording consisting of tracks 1 and 2 and then added the 8 second clip, shown in the same project as tracks 3 and 4. Currently both clips share the same 8 seconds of audio time.

My thought was to generate 8 seconds of silence for tracks 1 and 2, and then move/copy tracks 3 and 4 into these periods of silence, but I can’t figure out how to ADD SILENCE as opposed to overwriting existing sound with silence.

I also can’t figure out how to move or copy the 8 second track.


Please do not post the same message twice. I deleted your duplicate message. But please do remember to tell us your Audacity version (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

All you need to do is double-click in the the clip lasting 8 seconds to select it, then Edit > Copy. You can click in either upper or lower half to double-click, because it is a stereo track that has not yet been split into left and right channels.

Click in either upper or lower half of the track at the point where you want to insert, then Edit > Paste. Click at the other place you want to insert then Edit > Paste.

Be aware you lose quality when you export the finished file because MP3 is lossy and Audacity has to re-encode the MP3. You can use direct MP3 editors that don’t re-encode to do the same task:


Sorry about the lack of version. It is a habit of mine to include that

Audacity V 2.1.0
Win7, Premium Home SP1