insert audio track with its label track

Hi everyone,
I haven’t found a way when I insert an audio track into another, to also insert its label track. The audio track is inserted, the following audio is shifted accordingly, but the label track remains the same and so does not correspond to the sound track any more. In fact I haven’t found a way to insert the the label track alone either. Any suggestions?


When copying the audio and labels, you need to select the audio and labels.
This is easiest when the project has only one audio track and one label track as you can simply click and drag to make the selection across both tracks (start the click and drag in one track and drag into the other track before releasing the mouse button).

If there are more tracks:

  1. Make the selection in one track
  2. Use the up / down cursor keys to move focus to the other track (indicated by the yellow line around the track)
  3. Press “Enter” to toggle track selection on/off

When pasting:

  1. Click on the audio track where you want to paste
  2. Cursor down key to move focus to the label track
  3. Press “Enter” to toggle selection of the label track
  4. Paste (shortcut “Command + V”)