Need to lower the volume of the background music. How do I do this? I have one track that combined voice and music. Is there a way to separate the two?

Is there a way to separate the two?

No. Audacity can’t split individual voices, instruments or sounds from a mixed performance. Once all the parts are mixed into one show, it’s permanent.


Is this music and voice that you recorded yourself?

If so you can record the music without voice, then do a second recording on the same project in a new “Voice” track.

This is often done by wearing headphones when you do the second recording. That way you can listen to the music, but it won’t be recorded a second time when you are singing.

Once you have the music on one track and the voice on another you can vary the volume of each individually.

You’ll have to make sure that you have checked "Playthrough Other track while recording " and check “Always record on a new track”
Both of these setting can be found in the: Edit, Preferences, Recording menu section.