I have an Audio Track with the Spoken combined with music. Is there a way to separate :frowning: the 2 so I can lower the music level?

Generally, no… 'You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry and egg and you can’t un-mix sound."

If you have a stereo track, of course you can silence either the left or right (and then make a mono track that plays from both speakers).

There is also a [u]Vocal Reduction And Isolation Effect[/u] that assumes the vocals are in the center (identical in left & right) and instruments are split left & right. That’s rarely the case so usually this effect is imperfect. The “main vocals” are usually in the center, but it’s rarely the only thing in the center.

You can also use the Equalizer effect to reduce the very-low frequencies (maybe below 150Hz) and very-high frequencies (maybe above 5000Hz which are beyond the normal voice range, and otherwise just experiment to bring-out the voice frequencies and to reduce some of the music frequencies. But, voice and musical instruments both generally occupy a wide range across most of the frequency spectrum and this will make only a slight difference. …For “experimenting” like this, I recommend using the Graphic Equalizer mode where you can push the sliders up and down, rather than the Draw Curves mode. I assume you are familiar with Graphic Equalizers, but if not, the low frequencies (bass) is on the left and the high frequencies are on the right.