Inputs confusing! [SOLVED]

Anyone have experience with the sound selections in Sys Preferences? There seem to be redundant selections in the
dialog box. At the top are the standard Input/Output choices, but at the bottom of the same box is another place
for input selection. My MacBook Pro has only 1 audio I/O receptacle. When I plug in the cable from the Line-Out of
my cassette deck the MacBook Pro senses it and automatically switches the top box to line in, but that leaves no
way to monitor the audio through the MacBook Pro speaker as it disables in that mode. I tried a Logitech USB
splitter with the appropriate cables, but no success. I’m using Yosemite with Audacity 2.0.5. with no other problems.
Thanks for any suggestions. R.

I’m guessing your MBP does not look like this:

That’s the convenient way out of this. I bought my MBP specifically because it would do that.

You can plug in a USB audio “soundcard” and listen with that. The UCA202 will do that as well as giving you dedicated stereo inputs and outputs.

You can also, since you only need a headphone connection use something like the Startech ICUSBAUDIO adapter.

That one has connections for a headset and doesn’t have a stereo input.
This is one being used as a microphone connection (on the right).

You would be using the other socket.


I’m impressed! Totally! Thanks for the great info! That’s correct, my MBP does not look like the photo you displayed.
My MBP has only a headphone jack, an SD card slot, and of course the USB ports. That’s it. I wonder if mine is early
build, or late build? I’ll be studying the info you provided and see how I can make it fit into my brain. Thanks so much
again for the fantastic info!!! R.

The 15" and the 17" came with all the connections we assume because there was room. The 13" of roughly the same year, didn’t. Then they all peeled off the split Stereo Line-In about the same time they jettisoned the optical drive. I got the last run of 15" machines that still had everything.

So none of them come that way now.


Problem solved!! I purchased the Behringer gadget and it works like a charm! It has a set of RCA outputs that I’m not using…maybe
I’ll just hook a small amp there and a couple speakers. I’m using a music hall USB-1 with it, the sound quality is much more than I expected!
Thanks again for your expertise!!! R.