inputing from my computer

I am new to Audacity. I initially did a test inputting audio by speaking into the computer that audacity is on, and it worked fine. Now I am trying to create a new test track doing the same thing, and I do not get any sound-- none seems to be recording and none is played back. I am using windows 7, Audacity 2.05. My settings by the top of the page were MME/SPEAKERS-HEADPHONES/MS SOUND MAPPER/MONO. I am able to play back the audio recorded on the original track. I notice that when I try to record the new test, additional tracks open up, so I am guessing the Audacity thinks I am trying to do editing rather than inputting a new track. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Every time you press Record and then Stop and then Record, Audacity will start a new track under the old one.

You can avoid that by Pressing Shift-R which is Append Record. Audacity will smash the new track at the end of the old one.

You can also end the old track with Record Pause (P) instead of Stop. Next time you press P, Audacity will pick up where it left off. Obviously, you lose Record Pause if you have to stop Audacity or the computer. Append Record works any time.


If you want to hear the previous tracks while recording a new one, Transport > Overdub must be on (ticked or checked).

Sound Mapper - Input is whatever the Windows default recording device at the time is. Try changing that third box to the actual input that you are recording (presumably the input you have the microphone connected to).


Hi Gale,

I will try the suggestions which have been posted, and which I am very grateful for. However, I think I may need help beyond this forum, and I understand from another post of yours that you are willing to take control of the computer and work directly with the client for a fee. I would be very interest in such an arrangement. for ongoing support. I tried reaching you at, but that didn’t seem to work. Would you be willing to undertake such an “offline” effort? If so, how can I get in touch with you?


It’s (the WWW “globe” button under my Forum name) but you can’t e-mail me from that page.

If absolutely necessary, but I’m busy preparing and testing for a new release of Audacity right now. I would try the suggestions listed. It’s good to learn how to do things yourself. :slight_smile:

You should now be able to see a little PM button to private message (PM) me (and other users). However you still need to use the Forum for asking questions, not the PM system.


Thank you Koz and Gale for the helpful input. It appears that the problem I was having was actually due to a problem with the computer, not my understanding of Audacity. I downloaded Audacity on a different computer and everything is fine. Remarkably, your comments are still quite helpful. Thank you again. I am having a great time exploring Audacity, and I hope you will be willing to come to my rescue again if the need arises.