Input volume WAY too loud!

Hey folks, I’ve been trying to figure this out but I cant seem to.

I am using a CAD usb microphone on an XP computer (lame, I know). I have tried everything I can to lower the input volume but it won’t change at all. is the microphone just a “loud” microphone? I have my guitar amp barely making any sound at all and it still records so loud that it clips like mad and sounds like garbage. How can I lower the volume this records at?

Go into Windows Control Panel and make sure “microphone boost” is not enabled. Most likely, this a Windows issue and there’s probably nothing wrong with the mic or your Audacity settings.

I do believe you that something’s wrong, but of course some mics are “hotter” than others, and condenser mics (with their built-in electronics) tend to be hotter than dynamic mics.

And, many USB mics don’t have a gain control which makes things even trickier.