Input volume very sensitive


I’m using a Behringer UFO202 USB A/D to convert my vinyl and tapes to digital via Audacity 2.0.2 (recently upgraded from 1.x). Almost regardless of the particular version of Audacity, the input volume is incredibly sensitive such that I have to set it to 0.06!

My procedure is to watch the input sliders and the waveform and set the input volume as high as I can with the minimum of clipping (what is the best procedure to use?). On my previous version of Audacity the input volume had to be around 0.08 but I’ve now had to tweak it down a bit.

Is this normal as it seems very low - I can’t imagine a time when I’d ever need 0.1 nevermind 0.5!


Win7 & exe installer.

You can help yourself here by enlarging the meter toolbar - see this page in the manual (halfway down).

When recording try to aim for a peak level of -6 dB which corresponds to 50% on the waveform linear display.

When you have finished all you other processing, as a final step prior to export you can up the amplitude to say -1 dB with either the Amplify or the Normalize effect.


Thanks for the advice WC.

What are your thoughts on the input volume behaviour?


I have seeen postings where folk have reported having to use similar low settings - those Behringer devices normally deliver a sensible signal level, maybe you have a rogue one.

Be aware that you can fine-tune the input level by using numerical input rather than the slider - just double-click on the slider and a dialog box appears.


As you are on windows you may be able to make adjustments in the Windows Control Panel to damp the volume down and make Audacity’s slider less sensitive.

A shortcut is to click on the loudspeaker icon in the tool tray at bottom right of the Windows screen.