Input Volume Keeps Adjusting down...


I am using Windows 7 with Audacity 2.0.3. I use it to capture/record some audio from some websites. It records ok (although the volume is low) - I use the Stereo Mix as the input. I set the Input Slider to the desired level and then press record and the input level keeps adjusting downward and the recording is at a low volume level. I set it back to the level I want and it adjusts downward again. How can I stop Audacity from adjusting the input volume?

I have Realtek HD Audio as the audio hardware that was built in to the laptop that I am using. I cannot see anyplace that there is some sort of “automatic recording level” setting.

I have gone to the Sound Control Panel and set the Communications Tab to DO NOTHING.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Stereo Mix is an oddball mix of sound services that run the Record and Playback sides of the computer at the same time. One of the offshoots of that is the Audacity Record volume and the computer speaker volume may be the same thing.

A very common complaint is: “My speakers are too loud when I’m recording internet audio.”

Maybe they need to be to get a good recording. Sometimes you can plug headphones in and just not listen to them during the recording.


I am not sure what you are telling me?

It is probably not Audacity adjusting the volume.

Do you have Skype or other voip application? If so, ensure that they are not running (not even in the background).

I think that you’ve already checked, but ensure all of the Windows sound “enhancements” are off

Also, some sound cards have an additional control panel that may have an icon near the time/date on the Desktop, or may have an icon in the Windows Control Panel - have a careful look in both of these places for an icon relating to your sound card and check if there are any “enhancements” enabled in there. (This is particularly common with “Realtek HD” and other “on-board” sound cards).

The other possibility is that you don’t actually have the correct drivers for the Realtek device. Please see .