Input volume is too loud after Win 7 & computer upgrade

I just bought a new HP system with Windows 7. When I try and record my albums the recording is way to loud thus clipping or red lining the recording. I have to turn the input volume all the way down to .05 just to keep the recording from not distorting. Maybe it is okay to record at this very low level but I never had this problem with Win XP.

I am on version 2.0.5

Thanks for any help you can provide.


You bought a new HP laptop with a pink Mic-In on the side?

New Windows laptops have been arriving without a Stereo Line-In connection. They all have Mic-In suitable for one of these applications.

It’s designed for one tiny microphone signal, not powerful stereo line, so it overloads very easily. Some laptops can switch one connection between different services and you should consult your instructions. Many can’t.

You can add a Stereo Line-in connection. I use the Behringer UCA202.

They also make a UCA222 and a UFO202 which you can use as a phono amplifier or switch it to Line.


Sorry, I have an HP desktop not a laptop and I am already using the Behringer UCA 202 to be the go between from my turntable to the computer. So, I am wondering if it has anything to do with the USB ports now being 3.0 as opposed to 2.0 or if there is a recording input config in Windows 7 that I need to adjust.


USB 3.0 shouldn’t make any difference.

Windows Vista and later think of inputs primarily for voice recording. Having “hot” USB inputs that don’t need a manual level boost (as microphones often require) may well be part of this philosophy.

Try and see if it helps.