Input Volume Control Digital Turntable

Hi Audacity Support. I am copying my old LP’s from digital turntable without volume control. I have read many articles but wish to clarify if the when the recording process is being clipped due to excessive volume then if prior to exporting the volume is reduced below the clipping point does it restore the original dynamic volume levels.

If it shows clipping immediately after recording, the analog-to-digital converter clipped. It’s really clipped and permanently damaged.

But Audacity shows potential clipping so you can get false positives and false negatives.

If if’s clipped during recording and you lower the volume, you’ll 'hide" the clipping from Audacity but the distortion isn’t removed.

Audacity uses floating-point internally so Audacity itself won’t cause clipping. For example, if you boost the bass, Audacity may “show red” for potential clipping but it’s not clipped yet and it will be OK if you lower the volume before exporting.

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