Input too high

I’m trying to record my guitar using a USB interface via JackD and the input into Audacity is too high.
From what I’ve read the volume is controlled by the system. I’ve tried that and no joy.

Here’s my setup

Linux Mint 18.2

Everything works well on the guitarix side and far as levels going into my amp, but the input to Audacity is always overloaded. Any ideas?

Any ideas?

None of that tells us where you plugged the guitar in. If you have one of those little USB Stick interfaces, that’s not going to work. Mine for example…

Has a place for stereo headphones and a low volume, light duty mono microphone. You will almost set fire to it if you plug a powerful guitar into the microphone hole.

Is that what you’re doing?


I’m using a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 USB guitar interface. This is what this is made for. It works perfectly with Guitarix or Rakarack with the Jack Audio interface. When I select the Jack interface as the Host in Audacity (opposed to ALSA), the audio is too high and clips. I can’t seem to adjust it.

I ended up figuring it out. The issue was that the preamp effect coming out of guitarix were too high. I was able to adjust he volumes of the effects and it lowered the input into Audacity so it wouldn’t clip anymore.