input slider doesnt move

Audacity 2.3.0 installed from the Software Boutique
I have a desktop with windows 8.1 and Ubuntu Mate 18.04 installed. It isn’t a duel boot setup, the 2 operating systems have their own SSDs and HDDs.
I have found that although the Audacity input slider works when I am in windows, the slider is locked at max when I am running Mate.

My searches have not produced a solution , but I found some info indicating that an unmovable input slider occurs when Audacity cannot access-is unable to alter the system controls.

Does anyone know of a solution or is this simply a Mate-Audacity compatibility issue.

P.s. I am trying to record from VLC via the desktops onboard audio.

That’s normal.

To set the level, click on the recording meter (so as to activate the recording stream), then set the level in PulseAudio Volume Control (may be called “Sound Settings” or something similar).

Thanks for the reply Steve.
That solution will work… once I show the others how to do it. :slight_smile:

You could direct them to this page in the manual: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Linux - Audacity Manual