Input slider disabled with USB input device?

Sorry if this is basic, but I’m not finding a definitive answer;
I just plugged up a Behringer UFO202 USB interface, and selected the “USB audio CODEC” from the Control Panel’s menus - I get input, but the input slider has no effect on the input level. I found a mention of this being disabled with USB inputs in the USB Turntable wiki page, but no mention of it elsewhere.
Is this so - and if so, how does one control the input level - outboard mixer? (which I have, but would rather have one less gain stage in the chain).
Forgot to add - Win XP / Audacity 1.26

Thanks in advance.

Does this device use ASIO software drivers? Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO.

Does the device driver or software package have a control panel? The Analog to Digital converters are inside the USB device and sometimes getting useful control is very amusing.


Nope, no ASIO drivers used - only the resident Windows USB drivers. No control panel or mixer software either- really no control over the device at all.

Hmm… could it be because of data which is coming in through USB port is format of digital data.

Changing volume level for digital data means decreasing/increasing bit-depth which in this case means lower audio quality because of being 16-bit device in question.

I think you need to adjust input level through software features or addons (plug-ins). If it’s not possible in Audacity then just try lets say Cockos Reaper in ASIO mode (you need to install Behtinger’s native ASIO driver (or use asio4all if no native drivers available)).